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Treatment Approach

Starting with our first session, the treatment plan begins to form. Through assessment and building the therapeutic relationship, I will assess and curate a treatment plan that is best for you. I use a blend of evidence based treatment theories when working with a client in order to tailor to your specific needs and presenting concerns. 


Adjustment Disorders

Have you experienced a change in your life recently? Maybe this change has felt distressing for you and caused you to experience anxiety or impairment in your day to day life. This change may be making it difficult for you to function or cause depressive symptoms. Maybe this stressor was the end of a relationship, a recent move or a recent health diagnosis. This stressor may also be a good thing that you feel you should be excited for, but can’t shake these disruptive symptoms. Change can be scary and make it feel like your world has flipped upside down. Does this sound like what you’re experiencing? Therapy can help you manage this change or stressor and all the things that come along with it. 

We are not in-network with any insurance carriers. Our service fees are out-of-pocket.


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Anxiety Disorders

Are you noticing excessive worry or fear? Are you struggling with reducing these worries and noticing they aren’t going away? These worries could be broad and spread out among multiple areas, or might be more specific and focus on one thing or one situation. You might notice your excessive worry causes you to avoid certain aspects of life, maybe even things you once found enjoyable. Maybe your worry even manifests itself physically. You might be noticing tightness in your chest or difficulty breathing. It might even be presenting itself in other ways with potential digestive issues or dizziness. These feelings can often induce more fear and perpetuate the cycle of anxiety. If you relate to any of these concerns or other related concerns, overcoming this is possible. Therapy for your anxiety disorder can absolutely reduce the negative symptoms or issues you are experiencing. 

We are not in-network with any insurance carriers. Our service fees are out-of-pocket.


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Depressive Disorders

Are you feeling in a low mood and struggling to find joy? Maybe even the things that used to bring you happiness don’t anymore. Have you been struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings of worthlessness? Maybe these thoughts also feel persistent and like you aren’t able to get them to stop. You might be noticing you have been isolating yourself more from loved ones and spending a lot of your time sleeping. It might even feel like being asleep is the only relief you can get from your own mind. Even though you might be sleeping more frequently, you might be continuously exhausted and feeling a lack of energy. Depression can feel isolating, but you don’t have to go through this alone. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, therapy is the right place to start for your Depressive Disorder. 

We are not in-network with any insurance carriers. Our service fees are out-of-pocket.


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Couples Counseling

Are you struggling to find satisfaction in your relationship? Are you experiencing resentment towards your partner? Maybe this is making it hard for you to want to be around them. You might feel like you have transitioned to two people living parallel lives. Are you struggling with how to communicate this or other feelings you are having to your partner? Maybe you are worried about how they will react or that they just won’t understand you. Hearing each other and working on your relationship begins here. Through working together in couples counseling, you can regain the relationship you want. 

We are not in-network with any insurance carriers. Our service fees are out-of-pocket.


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Our Method

Through these 3 steps, we have optimized your path to better overall wellness.



Through our initial consultation, we will address your areas of concern and come up with some potential goals for treatment. 



After consultation, we will work on establishing our goals with realistic objectives and timelines. Through our weekly sessions, we will work through your presenting problems and look to make progress on our goals.



Once we feel you have completed your goals through treatment, we focus on maintenance either through less frequent sessions, or termination of sessions. At this stage you will have the tools to manage your presenting concerns on your own.